Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Which I Get Nothing Done

So in a couple days my husband is graduating, my son is turning eleven, and various in-laws will be in my home to celebrate. My house is not ready.
Today my goal was to clean Girl's room and the family room, go to the store, and get in four hours at work. It is 2 p.m. and so far all I've done is some laundry and a little bit of cleaning in the family room.
"First," I said to myself, "I am going to get our new music on my iPod. Then I'll get to work." Then I entered a time vortex where it took me like three hours to do this. First I wanted to clean up my "Family" playlist. When we go somewhere as a family, we always listen to my iPod. So I created a playlist that included both kid songs and normal songs and eliminated any words or topics that I wanted to keep from the kids. Inevitably though we'll be driving along and I'll have to dive at the iPod trying desperately to skip the song because I've just remembered that they are going to scream "fuck" in three seconds.
Then I wanted to get some more music. Then I wanted to reset my play and skip counts so I can go five days without hearing some of the songs my iPod feels are the only ones I should hear. Then I made a new playlist. Before I knew it the whole day was gone.
Now I have an hour before Boy gets home and two hours before I'm supposed to pick up Girl. Am I working? No, I'm blogging. Grr. What's wrong with me? Why am I such a procrastinator?
Oh, and Mr. Hobbitfeet wants me to tell everyone that he doesn't remember the conversation about the Forgetting Sarah Marshall soundtrack (from the last post) and thinks I am making it up to be funny on my blog. This just further proves my theory that he only pretends to hear anything I say. Like that time he was looking for his shoe for a couple weeks and I kept telling him to look under the bed until he drove me bonkers bitching about it being missing so I went under the bed and got it. When I handed it to him he said, "Where was it at?"
Me: "Under the bed, just where I told you it would be."
Him: "Oh, I thought you kept telling me that you looked under the bed and it wasn't there."
How would that be helpful? How do you get that from "Look under the bed," or "Did you check under the bed?" And why wouldn't he just double check anyway? He tore the closet up six times. I think mostly his anger was at the fact that I blogged about it. So this post will make him very happy, I am sure.

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