Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome to My World . . .

Me: Mr. HOBBITFEET, you should get us the Forgetting Sarah Marshall soundtrack. I think you'll like it, they re-did a bunch of songs you like in Hawaiian, plus it has the songs you liked from the movie.
Mr. H.: Nah, I'm to busy finding disco for myself. I've had Disco Inferno in my head all day, so I must be in a disco mood.
Me: Yeah or you've been burning things all day. Please just get it for me, I want it.
Mr. H.: Fine, whatever. I'll get the Finding Sandra Osbourne soundtrack, but I bet it's not any good.
Me: For-get-ting-Sar-ah-Mar-sh-all. It's not hard, we saw the movie last week.
Mr. H.: FINE!

Mr. H.: You watch movies more than me, so you should always tell me when you hear a good soundtrack.
Me: Ummm, I do. Why?
Mr. H.: Well, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall soundtrack was really good. Those remakes in Hawaiian were awesome. Plus it had those songs from the movie that I liked.
Me: O Rly?


Me: I've got something for you.
Mr. H.: Thanks eagle man.
Me: I can't believe you just said that. I guarantee that you haven't seen that commercial in 10 years.
Mr. H.: Yeah but it was so good that I remember it.
Me: Hey, remember when everyone made fun of eagle MAN laying an egg so they made a new one with eagle woman. Only there was nothing super or womany about her except a pill box hat. Eagle man was better.
Mr. H.: No. Eagle woman was better because because it was so bad.
Me: (Pulls them up on Youtube)
Mr. H.: You're right. Eagle man is better.

You decide:

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