Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yuppie Bike Rides

Boy has decided that there is nothing better in this world than riding his bike. This is a total turn-around from two weeks ago when he hated his bike (and us for forcing him to learn to ride it). Now he can't get enough of the freedom of going fast and having the wind in his hair.
This made me have daydreams of a summer spent riding our bikes to the park and the pool and a number of other places only a couple miles away from our house. After all, I live in a small town and gas is expensive.
There was one difficulty and that is my daughter still trying to find her feet on her training wheels. She has long been to tall for her bike seat (she outgrew it at age 2), and I've been always ultra-nervous about those bike trailers. I finally gave in though and picked one up. It has a 100 pound weight limit that gives Girl 60 pounds before she grows out of it. She has to sit almost cross-legged, but at least her knees aren't digging into my butt like they were when she was right behind me.
We did a short family bike ride and it works pretty well. It makes you feel a little like a rickshaw driver, but Boy and Girl are both happy, and I get my summer bike rides, Everyone wins.

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