Friday, September 5, 2008

What We Fight About

Me: I think the cat is jealous that you take the dog for walks. You should probably sneak out when she's not looking.

Mr. Hobbitfeet: I'm not sneaking out!

Me: You're hurting her feelings! She thinks you don't love her!

Mr. H.: She's a cat. She doesn't get jealous.

Me: She just gets so sad. Maybe if she doesn't see you go out that wouldn't happen!

Mr. H.: Will you stop giving the pets human emotions!!! They don't think like that! All they think is "Feed Me," "Pet Me!"

Me: You're wrong.

Mr. H.: (Puts the dog on leash and slams out of the house)

Willow (the cat): (Jumping up on the back of the couch and looking pathetically out the window)Mwrooow! Mwrooow! Mwroooow!

Me: (muttering to self) Don't tell me the cat's not jealous.

The following are pictures of the cat watching the dog in the back yard.

Tell me she doesn't look jealous!


the sits girls said...

Ok, we love that picture of the cat with its head in the blinds. That's hilarious. That cat is TOTALLY jealous. Poor kitty.

jenboglass said...

I create feelings for my boy cat too. I tell my husband that he wants him to take him out and help him get soem 'strange'. In my mind, my male cat is a gigalo.

swampy said...

Cats are such intuitive animals. If only they could talk.
We don't have a cat because Bubba and June Bug think they are lunch on four legs.
I'm off looking for the Fun Monday assignment. Please sign me up. I'll try to follow the rules, or maybe not.

Margaret said...

she's completely jealous.

He doesn't know what he's takling about.

And I bet the dog is rubbing it in the cat's face when you aren't around.


IamwhoIam said...

(!) You and put the cat on a lead and all of you go for a walk together? Fun Family time. Our cat love it (once he got use to the lead)

Rayne said...

I know the pets have feelings. I know they get angry, jealous, sad and feel love and contentment and loss. And I know it isn't just in my head. There have been many scientific studies proving this.
Can you sign me up for Fun Monday? I'm off to go find it now...

MommyWizdom said...

Total jealous! It's the men who have problems with feelings, not the pets, Lol! Great post!

Woodlandmama said...

sits girls- Yeah it's a bit like a lolcat "O nos I is blind!"

jenboglass-I'd say we could get them together but she's not even four months old, I'm no Palin.

swampy- Mr. Giles would like to eat her as well, but he's too small. Instead he bites her head and the runs away like a big baby.

Margaret- He totally is.

IamwhoIam- We tried that, she looked even sadder than when she gets left alone. But we live in the woods with coyotes and if we let her be an outdoor kitty she'd be lunch.

Rayne- My husband thinks that people make this stuff up so you'll buy stuff. Saying things about scientific stdies make him laugh.

MommyWizdom- So true!

just a girl... said...

men will never get it. But I do love hobbitfeet