Friday, September 5, 2008

C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R!

So Jenboglass at the Steenky Bee was talking about Grease and Grease II, which for some reason made me want to watch Grease II. Unlike her, I actually own the movie. I got it as a twofer from Best Buy when I bought the original.
Truthfully, I know every word to every song. Thanks to my cousins K. and A., I saw the movie several times a month as a kid.

After hearing a few songs from her room, Girl joined me. She may have thought I was watching High School Musical or some other wacky Disney movie. The following were actual coversations that occured during the movie (keep in mind she 4, oh sorry, 4 and a half).

Girl: So wait, what is that guy doing?
Me: He's learning to ride a motorcycle.
Girl: Why?
Me: Because he likes Stephanie and she told him she wants a "cool rider."
Girl: Mommy, that doesn't make sense.

Girl: Okay, who's the guy that built the motorcycle, and who is the guy who rides it?
Me: They're both the same guy. They're both Michael.
Girl: Who is he trying to be? Is he a superhero?
Me: I don't know baby I guess.

Girl: Mommy, is Michael dead?
Me: We're supposed to think he is.
Girl: That girl shouldn't have made him be a "cool rider."

Girl: Is that Michael, is he in heaven?
Me: Yup. Stephanie's dreaming.
Girl: And she's in heaven.
Me: Yup.
Girl: Wait, his motorcycle's in heaven? Mommy, motorcycles don't go to heaven.

Girl: Well that was a good movie, Mommy, but High School Musical is better.


Captain Dumbass said...

I remember seeing the original when I was like... 7? 8? Didn't know they'd made a second one. Or maybe I did and I'd just buried it. Deep.

Woodlandmama said...

Yeah, Michelle Pfiffer is in it, but I bet she wishes she wasn't. She's a Pink Lady and Sandy's brainy and proper cousin has come from England to stay with her parents. Frenchie is there because she was a "beauty school dropout."
There are a lot of lame sex jokes and some real cheese. It's funny if you're like Mr. H. and you like really terrible things.

jenboglass said...

Ah, yes. Isn't it strange that to us we see the beauty that is Grease II, but when you actually hear yourself explain it out loud it sounds kind of ridiculous? Also, how excited was Michelle Pfifer to learn that in one of her scenes she had to climb up and down a ladder singing "Cool Rider"? I love the end when the dude is standing on a heap of motorcycles spray painted white. Classic!

Woodlandmama said...

I am not sure if it's beauty or unadulterated cheese. But at any rate do you think she wass like, "you want me to use a giant cardboard circle as a motorcycle steering wheel? You do know motorcycles don't have steering wheels right?"

TxGambit said...

I actually like both too. I actually posted a back to school blog with the song from the opening of the second.

Woodlandmama said...

The opening song rocks! My mom and husband were just making fun of me. They said, "You know that Grease 2 isn't a good movie right?" What do they know?

just a girl... said...

i love, love this movie. I remember watching this like, oh I don't know a thousand times.