Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Last Time for Everything

Boy and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie last night.
We both liked it, Boy a little more than I. I thought it was better than the last one, but nowhere even close to the book. I've stopped letting my expectations get high though and that helped my enjoyment.
At any rate, Boy wanted to dress up for the movie. He wore a wizard robe, a fake scar and carried a wand. When we got there, he was the only one dressed up, and felt embarrassed. Especially when a lady behind us tapped him on the shoulder and asked in a very condescending manner (as though she were speaking to a three-year old) "Are you the REAL Harry Potter?"
I think that mostly he wanted to dress up because the older boy that he idolizes in his Taekwondo class said that he would dress up if his mom let him go to the midnight show (Boy denies this vehemently). I told Boy that most of the people at the midnight show would have been dressed up, but it didn't help
So, I think that the next time the movie comes out, he won't be so quick to dress up. How sad.

This is Boy as Harry Potter (age 4) for Halloween.


min said...

Good for Iain! He makes an excellent Harry. Dressing up is fun and those other kids probably really wish that they had now that they've seen him do it! I'd dress up for sure. I'd want to be Filch!!

Woodlandmama said...

Min-Next time I'll be Mrs. Norris.